Struggle Is Strength


Everybody has a story they love to repeat. We recount the event that happened to us when we know it will have the most impact and more often than not we are using it to gain sympathy or explain away a mistake we may have made.  

'This thing happened to me and as a result, I am/can not do...'

The issue with this approach is that it renders us helpless victims in our own lives, beaten and defeated.  

For some reason, there has been a line of expectation that a good life has no major events. There are no setbacks, upsets or misunderstandings.
But if that were the case how would we learn? 
If life were constantly smooth how would we know what areas we need to develop or what we are truly capable of?  

While it is true that there are people in the world who glide from lily pad to satin cushion, I do believe that they face some challenges that, although may not seem as catastrophic to others who have experienced tougher circumstances, are relative to their seemingly gilded existence. It is also useful to remember that appearances often betray a darker truth.  

Whatever your struggle is, it is a gift to you even though this will be hard to believe while you work through it. You will have an insider knowledge and an empathetic perspective that will allow you to assist others when they experience the same. 

When you realise that you can speak from a position of wisdom and feel the joy that comes from being of use to others this will affirmation the absolute order and perfection of life. Everything truly does happen for a reason.
The path you have fought cleared a way for others to walk. 

Love Yourself! 

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