Creating Freedom


Do you recognise and want to break some recurring situations in your life?
Are you always meeting similar people or experiencing the same emotions despite making external changes?

Most people desire expansion and change in their lives but very few are then aware of or prepared to do the work that is required for that to happen.   It is much easier to look to the external world and wait for it to make an adjustment than to first understand and admit that it has to come from yourself. 

If we truly want power for ourselves we must accept the responsibility that comes with it. To alter the outer world and how we experience it requires deep self-examination. On some level, there will be a part of us that is drawing in what we encounter.
As frustrating as this may be if it keeps happening, albeit in different guises, it is also a clear and indication that there is still work for us to do.  
Maybe this means taking a moment to notice how you react.
Do you fall into default words and thoughts?
Does your 'why me?' victim rise up again.

Relationships, working environments, financial situations are common areas where we can experience groundhog days even if we have moved to the other side of the world. 

We need to stop and deeply examine the thoughts and beliefs we hold as fact. They are literally holding us captive.

Taking on this task is not easy. There will be truths we encounter about ourselves that are embarrassing and ugly. We may discover we owe apologies to many people and harder still we owe apologies and forgiveness to ourselves. 

Press on.
Do not give up.
On the other side is liberation and a better understanding of how our reality works and the power we have within it.  

Love Yourself!

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