Being The Change


The majority of us have at least one area in our lives that we wish were different. It could be marital status, financial position, fitness or career. We will live with the growing sense of discomfort and dissatisfaction until we reach the level where we have to take some action. However, we are by nature very impatient. We want what we want asap, forgetting that the situation that we want to improve emerged gradually.  

Navigating our way to change can be arduous but if we look upon the task as an exciting opportunity to transform, the journey can be enjoyable. 
Being committed will call on parts of your character that you possibly would not have uncovered. You will be surprised not only by who you are but who others around you really are too. 
Some will celebrate you and others will berate you because your focus will highlight what they desire for themselves and yet have failed to commit to.

Lasting change will most often take longer than you could have anticipated. There will be seemingly endless stretches of time when it feels like nothing is moving and your efforts are in vain.  Solid foundations are buried deeply underground out of sight and can take longer to build than the structure they inevitably support. 

Weeks, months, years could pass and you may still feel no further forward than the day you started and this is where your patience and faith will be most tested. In a world where so much proof of success is recognised by external trinkets and trophies, internal inspection receives no merit and yet it is the people who have done the arduous work who are celebrated as an 'overnight success'.    

Stay strong and have faith. There will be signs along the way that you are progressing even when others cannot see. Conversations that used to entertain you feel like time wasted. Habits that would distract you hold no interest. You may start to feel that you just do not fit in anymore.

True transformation requires tenacity and there will be many times when you question why you started. As you edge further forward towards your desires and away from the limbo of their here nor there one of the most satisfying signs is when someone sees you as the person you are striving to be. It is almost as if they are speaking to you from your future and confirmation that your belief in yourself is paying off. 

Love Yourself!

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