Still Here?


When life appears to be constantly testing you with challenges, upsets and disappointments appearing in constant succession your thoughts are usually on how tested you are feeling and desire for easier days. 

In the middle of your storm, it will feel like there can be no respite from the trials you wish were in the past.

Why does this always happen to you?
When will it be your turn to have ease and flow? 

There may even be someone in your life who appears to have everything roll smoothly along in contrast to the bump and hustle you have to contend with.  
You may wonder why they should have it so easy.  

In our wisdom we know that there are no errors is life. The reason for everything that occurs is always clear in the review. 

One thing will lead to another. A detour will create a chance meeting. But above all by enduring your tests you grow.  

If you can tell the tale, you made it! 

Love Yourself! 

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