Make It Happen


We all possess an ability that creates our lives in every moment, exactly the way we ask for it. However, most of us are oblivious to the voodoo we do.
Our greatest strength is our greatest undoing simply because it has never been made clear how to utilise our gifts and when we start to think we understand what is going it seems too fantastic to believe.
How can it be possible that simply imagining can bring what we desire into our lives?
There may be something you want as a matter of urgency and the thought of it consumes you. If the prevailing thought is of want and need, want and need will be amplified and your desire will circle around you, unable to attach.
Change that to feeling the sensation of having and picturing the difference that will make to you, it has no choice but to come. 

Your life will hold multiple examples of your successes but because they happen with such ease they are unacknowledged. It is the same thing that creates the small that brings forth the larger requests. 

If the big thing you want is not yet in your reality be honest about what your true emotions are surrounding it.
Everything is waiting for you.

Love Yourself!

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