Ride Or Die?


Most of us are living with the best of intentions. There are people around us that we envisage will be a part of our lives forever. They know all about us and we have dared to share our deepest secrets, fears and future dreams with them. However, although we are all moving forward and expanding our rates of growth are not the same. As we progress we may be inspired to deviate from what we envisaged. Our development will expose us to new experiences that change us and our outlook and as a result, a new aspect of ourselves begins to come forward often to our own surprise. 

This may thrill or mystify us. It is an exciting aspect of life. Yet, while we revel in the joys of our personal evolution, the shift in ourselves will not be celebrated by everyone and, often surprisingly, create a fracture in the relationship that may never be repaired. 

You may want to hold on, stifle your own growth or over explain. 

Allow each other freedom to change.  

Love Yourself! 

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