Speak Softly Love


How would you feel if there was somebody who was always talking down to you? They were happy to point out the error in every effort you made, never compliment you when you were looking good and had no belief in you as a person. 

Would you choose to have them in your life or eventually muster up the courage to politely, or maybe not so politely, ask them to leave? 

Nobody deserves to have a constant voice of doom in their lives and yet we all allow it to happen.  We have the voice of negative self-talk and criticism constantly in our heads. 

New tell ourselves that we are not good enough, rich enough, thin enough or deserving enough and then wonder why there is a sense of dissatisfaction in our lives.  

What we chose to constantly hear will form our beliefs and our beliefs will be reflected in our world. 

Changing this deeply engrained habit takes time but it can be turned around. The first step is to become conscious of the thoughts you hold. Take notice of every time you chastise yourself. It may be a surprise how many times an hour you do this. 

As you do become more aware do not use this as another opportunity to punish yourself. Instead, forgive yourself. Maybe even say 'I'm sorry. I did not mean that.' While it may feel uncomfortable to do this it has to be better than beating yourself up again.  

Also notice how you react when somebody pays you a compliment.
Are you good at accepting praise? Do you feel worthy? 
You should do because you are. Remember people are unlikely to say something complimentary unless they feel justified to do so.  

Cultivating self-love is new and often uncomfortable to so many of us especially because of the external messages that are so well designed to remind us of our 'flaws' and the remedies we need to 'fix' them. Imagine how liberated you would feel if nothing outside of you could pull you down. The truth is nothing can but we tumble simply because on some level we believe we are less than. Industries and empires
are build on our insecurities. 

Remember that you always hear your inner voice. Say something beautiful.  

Love Yourself.  


Thanks for reading.  

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