Breathe Again


The thing we need the most in our lives is both valuable and free. 
It is with is from the first moments of our lives until the very last and sustains us every day in between without any conscious effort from ourselves to the extent that we are able to take it for granted. 

It is our breath.  

Obviously, breathing is an essential part of our existence but so few of us really understand the intense power of breathing and how it can be used to help us when we need it the most.  
When asked to take a deep breath it is common to inhale and think of only filling the lungs and raising the shoulders but this is only a very shallow breath. The body's full capacity is not used. 

Try this exercise.
Take a deep breath and think of directing the air down below the navel first and filling the stomach so that it extends.
After that visualise filling the lungs first from the bottom and then to the top.
Try to hold for a couple of seconds and then exhale as steadily as you can. 
It is often easier to start this exercise lying down.
First, to correctly feel the expansion of the breath in the body and second if you are not used to breathing so deeply it could make you feel light headed.  
Notice how invigorated you feel.

Try to this five times a day. First thing in the morning before you get out of bed or even last thing at night. 
It is also a great tool to use during the day.

All too often we allow events to 'take out breath away',we may 'lose our breath' in a situation or even hold our breath at times.
Reclaiming this is a simple way to bring a sense of control back to ourselves.  

There is a lot of unrest and uncertainty in the world right now and it can leave us feeling powerless and fearful.  
Breathing feeds our body. We need it and will need to be able to connect to it more as situations change.

We are more in control that we believe and it begins with the breath.
Inhale the essential life force and create the solutions we all desire.  


Love Yourself!  


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