Power Up


When I was a child I looked up to adults because they appeared to know what they were doing and how to manage in the world. 
They had jobs, cars, money and control over their lives. Nobody told them what to eat, what to wear, where to go or what time to go to bed
Ultimate freedom. 

Now in adulthood myself I see there is no true freedom here and anybody who believes so is deluding themselves. People often say, 'It's a free country'. 
But is it really? Are you living in a free way? 

If I look at my childhood barometers for freedom, being told what to eat, what to wear, where to go and what time to go to bed the ideals are still being dictated to me but are now policed by peers and societal messages. 
Anybody who chooses to deviate from the common ideal faces a backlash. If we were truly free we each choice would be respected and honoured.  

As a child, adults seemed to have the power to change the world and yet now as an adult I see that most do not believe they have any power. Nobody has really grown up, we are just the same frustrated children in older bodies who have taken on the external trappings of adulthood without experiencing the freedom we all desired in our youth. 

Why do we think that we have no power or true freedom? 

As the extreme world events become more frantic and frequent we cannot simply keep looking on and wondering when somebody is going to 'do something'. 
Governments and leaders are not offering us solutions that make any satisfactory changes and simply making demands is no different than throwing a childhood tantrum. 
We have to do more than use trending hashtags or change our Facebook profile pictures. 

I do believe that we were not born to be in a world to feel miserable and scared by what happens around us.  We are not helpless and none of us are heartless. The majority of us want peace and it is possible.  

It starts with realising that change can happen by being united and owning the power inside of us that longs to be acknowledged and utilised.  

You've had it all along!  

Love Yourself! 

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