Sing Your Song

This week Maya Angelou died. She lived an inspiring full life and had a varied career as a singer, actress, poet, novelist and speaker. 

She mentored so many of the people we place in high esteem today and they speak only in revered tones about her.

It is easy to see why. 

Somehow she was tapped into a source of insight and wisdom. She had the ability to clarify a situation in a few powerful words that then became online tributes to her.  

Not many people will be given the status of Dr Angelou but does that make their lives any less celebrated? 

Of course there are people we all know who seem to command a whirlwind of disorder wherever they go and never say anything as profound and quotable yet I feel there is as much to learn from them in the contrast. 

Sometimes feeling strongly opposed to a situation is as inspiring as being led straight to the door of the solution. 

Being continuously told what to do and think does nothing for your own muscles of perception. 

The errors that others or we ourselves make can set us on a road to examining our own paths. 

The media constantly points the finger at public figures who have made 'mistakes'. These supposed role models are built up and then berated when they 'let us down'. 

Young music stars in particular seem to get a hard time when all they seem to be doing is testing the boundaries that most youth do. 

Maybe one day we will allow people to excel in their chosen field and celebrate them for that alone. 

If any part of being human befalls them as it probably will, support them in their efforts to get their lives back on track and learn from them.  

People make mistakes all the time but can anything be wrong for long if we are always working hard to put it right? 


Love Yourself!


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