Multi Gets Tasking

It has often been said that women are great at multitasking and for a while I believed that. 

Of course, anything that would put my gender in a favourable light is to be embraced. 

About a year ago I read a report that refuted the entire notion of multitasking.

Its conclusion was that all we are doing is switching from activity to activity at great speed. This goes for both men and women.

It also made good sense. 

Conscious activity needs undivided focus while the workings of our bodies and other subconscious functions carry on regardless. 

Generally I consider myself an ace at keeping many things going at the same time. 

Juggling balls, spinning plates, moving effortlessly from one job to another. 

Throw an emotional curve ball in however and I slow right down. They may even be dropped, broken, temporarily abandoned while I focus on gathering myself together and healing my heart. 

This has been my life since the beginning of 2014.  Attempting to put something big together whilst needing time to deal with big, painful emotional issues. 

The details are irrelevant. All that needs to be said is that deep contemplation undertaken to make sense of a situation and recalibrate often takes so much energy that anything else is hard, hard work. 

Even when it is your passion. 

In the midst of it all I have kept slowly moving forward. Maybe I am not where I thought I would be with the project at this point but Life needs to be addressed sometimes. 

I have made the scary decisions that I now have accepted and I am ready to move forward again. 

Thank you to the people who continually share, comment and enjoy what I do. 

I am back and able to enjoy this fully too. 


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

Please share ;)