It Takes A Child

I had the great honour of playing at my brothers wedding this weekend.

Everyone seemed to enjoy what I did and a few who were especially entertained by the music came up to me to pay me compliments.

Always nice. 

But it was the request of one of the flower girls that really blew me away. 

No more than six years old and looking radiant in her dress she came up to me and politely asked me to teach her how to play the piano.

Her request was so heartfelt and pure, it really touched me and I thought if I could just get her to do four simple notes in the bass then soon we would be able to play together. 

She wanted to know 'how to make the piano work.'

As musicians it is always so easy to forget that what we do is a highly skilled task. We are coordinating to many aspect physically and mentally and emotionally connecting with all around us. Few tasks are as complex as playing an instrument. A brain surgeon does not need to engage with an audience. 

We need to remember how much we are capable of even when if feel that we are not close to where we aspire to be.

And even when we get 'there' another goal will be ignited within us. 

There is always higher to reach for but sometimes we need to pause for a moment and congratulate ourselves on how far we have come. 


Love Yourself!


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