Sifting Songs

I write ALL the time. Even when I am not physically writing I am constructing in my head.

The problem there is that I often think that I have made a record of an idea either on paper or on my phone and of course I have not. 

As this has happened to me before and I wrote a blog piece about it you would think that a lesson would be learned. Not so.  

I am getting better. 

As good a writer as I have become, there is still a high percentage of my songs that are not great, by my own personal standards anyway, so to be left with even a handful of possibles I need to create in quantity.  

Now I have the added tool of LogicX to play with I can cement my musical ideas as well. Sometimes an 8 bar riff is all I have and now I am working at creating my own beats. 

This is something that I used to do with one of my first keyboards as it had an inbuilt drum machine but I have not had the facility and therefore have fallen out of the habit.  

This past week I took the time to go into each of the projects and listen to what I had been experimenting with. 

Out of the bits and pieces I have found four songs that I feel deserve some extra attention. These are ones that have strong elements, melody, chord progression and strong lyrical content. Bear in mind I am a hard person to please especially when it comes to my own work. 

I am still open to new ideas though. Four songs is still not enough as I want to release a steady stream of musical content. There are still a couple of songs that I recorded with Christian Fontana to be mastered and released. 

There is a sense of relief and direction with me now. I was feeling a little adrift and despondent trying to keep many things afloat in business with flux in my personal life but I have some expert assistance this time around.
That alone should make a huge difference. 

The next step is working on live performances. Getting out there again meeting people and sharing my music. 

This is why I started after all! 


Love Yourself!  


Thanks for reading.  

Please share ;)