Just My Type

I made a discovery recently that was as profound for me as answering the ever present, 'Why are we here?' question.  

For the past months I have been engaged in a programme called The 67 Steps fronted by Tai Lopez who is an American Entrepreneur and also well known for his voracious appetite for reading. He reads at least a book a day. That claim in itself may seem incredulous but when you get to know his methods it is completely doable and also something to aspire to, especially when you learn that the leaders and innovators in this world read constantly.
Learners are earners.

I love reading and learning but must admit that my book consumption has fallen considerably, although in the past 3 years I have independently sought out and incorporated new skills. This website being a result of some of them. 

The purpose of the course is to look at the most successful people and educated minds in society in history and present day and learn from them ultimately to find out what it is that creates The Good Life in Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness. 

Who would not want to know that? 

One of the aspects of securing The Good Life is playing to your strengths. Knowing yourself. Easy ways to find this out are to ask people who know you what they think you do better.  
Another is to take the Myers Briggs Personality test. 

So I did.  

I shall make no attempt to explain the intricacies of the process to you but I would highly recommend trying it for yourself. 

www. humanmetrics.com

My results typed me as a INFJ and of course that meant nothing to me. Was is good, bad or what?  

When I started to read the breakdown of the personality type however it was like reading every habit, quirk and behaviour I had ever displayed. Aspects of myself that had been labelled as unusual, unhealthy were just who I was, neither right or wrong. Of course there were ways that if I went to an extreme it would not be healthy, but I was ok.  

The INFJ type is also the smallest percentage in out of all the 16 possibilities. They represent less than 2% of the population.  

What are the traits of an INFJ?

  • Introverted - gain energy from alone time. Very private.
  • Idealistic - dreamers but also doers.
  • Sensitive - feel very deeply.
  • Intuitive - tuned in to others feelings, perceptive.

I am in good company some well known INFJ personalities include

  • Martin Luther King JR
  • JK Rowling
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Mother Teresa

Knowledge is power and I will add peace. Fully knowing yourself brings confidence and liberation from and external commentary. 

I would love to know what type you are and if you think it correctly describes you. Let me know below.


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading.  

Please share.  ;)