Eyes Wide Hoping

Carol Mae Whittick Eyes Wide.jpeg

Hindsight stings like a bee, especially when you realise how what was missed could have impacted your life for the better. Right now I am feeling this pain. I failed to see two chances earlier this year because I was caught up in a present moment feeling and not also considering long term goals. 

What a lesson. This mistake will not be made again. A strong statement I know but I feel very foolish and I do not like it. Although I do not always believe it, I have been called a lucky person but luck is not just about having opportunity, it is seeing it too.

Fear masquerading as common sense.  Making small moves when I say that my desire is to be expansive. I have been guilty of these charges recently. 

Twice there have been moments for me to grow and the opening was shut down so quickly that only it is through the passing of time and reflection can the truth be seen. 

All the talk about ambitions was just that. My reflex reaction shows that on a deeper level there is a minion mindset dominating. 

But maybe I should not scold myself so much. There has been an awakening here. This time I completely see it, own it and am eager to change it. Many people never recognise their traps, let alone admit to and alter them.
Maybe I am lucky after all. 

That nagging sense that I held a sabotaging belief and the frustration at my inability to identify it, had hung over me for some time. 

On this occasion it was worthiness issue and believing I had to do everything alone. Life kept showing me otherwise and I was oblivious of my chances because of those thoughts. 

Well there has been a shift now. People are not offered grand gestures if they are deemed unworthy and those secure in their worthiness, gratefully reach out, accept and allow the bounty to elevate them, all the while revelling in their growth, unafraid to shine. 

Low level thinking cannot thrive here.  

From now on my new mantra is, 'I see my opportunities. They are all around me.'

Have you ever had an ah-ha awakening?

I would love to hear about it.  



Love Yourself! 


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