Shoot The Messenger

What is the best way to make a your view heard?

Should you be patient and hope that in time what you mean to say will be appreciated and understood?  Or do you cause a commotion, shock and even risk creating offence?

This is on my mind because I want people around me to enjoy good health and yet I see their habits are steering them the other way. 

I chose to adopt a vegan lifestyle a couple of years ago and although the transition has been gradual the effects  on my health were almost immediate and I have never had any major health concerns. Who could not benefit from increased energy, clarity of thought and the general feeling of wellbeing from looking your best? 

I do not expect everyone to be vegan but as I do more research into nutrition and find out more about the toll that the food that the majority consume has on the body, it gets harder to just watch without saying what I know. For those not ready to hear I sound like I am preaching, judging but my thought is why wait for the emergency when the prevention is much easier?

For now I think the best way is to be the 'health nut' and be ready to help when the call inevitably comes...

  ...and then I read about Kiran Ghandi who took an extreme approach to bringing light to her message. She chose to run the London Marathon during her menstrual cycle without feminine protection which meant by the end of the race she was it was clear what time of the month it was for her.  

I do not know  how much good her actions have done because the general feeling has been that of horror at the way she chose to bring light to her views but I would have no knowledge of her if she had not done this. 

What is the medium? How can I bring awareness to what I know will benefit many in a way that will also inspire actions?

How best would you receive a message without wanting to shoot the messenger? 

I really want to know! 


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading.  

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