Have Some Fun :)

Have you ever made a list of things you would like to achieve on your life? 

Not necessarily the big goals but smaller goals that look easier to check off.  

Have you completed all, some or none?  

Keeping on top of everyday life can get overwhelming and take up every minute of our day, leaving no room to sit back and do something simple or fun.  
Often there is no time to even remember you made the list at all!

The questions I have to ask myself are -  When am I going to make time? What am I waiting for? 

Having a lofty goal is one thing but delaying attempting smaller dreams is going to remove the possibility of extra joy and learning to be had along the way.  

When the I sit back and consider the scope of opportunities available I am overwhelmed sometimes by the choices that are available to me in life.  There are so many things to do. Not everyone on the planet can think so freely. 

Some people have the ability to gulp life. Biting off more than they can chew, swallowing  it whole. These people are disrupters, innovators, heroes and seem to be having a whole lot of fun. I want what they are having. 

Somewhere along the line I adopted a softly, softly approach which is all very nice but also a little boring.  

Recently on evaluating my situation a new word has come into my mind.  


I need to poke the embers a little and get the sparks flying. 
Take bigger strides in what I do and want to do.  
We can all be too careful when we could use being a bit careless. 
Spill the water, colour outside the lines, leave some crumbs on the ground.  

Just have some fun!


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

Please share.