Complete Inner-Standing

There is so much information in the world to discover.
Even before the gift of the internet it was possible to find out about so much despite the limited sources. By limited I mean that in order to get your individual message out there was a process of elimination. TV producers, radio stations, book publishers, media moguls, record companies had the power to decide who was worthy of a voice and had the power to take it away at anytime. 

Now the gates are open for anyone to broadcast to the world and as a result for anyone to gain access the knowledge to potentially change their world. Lectures from the most revered educational establishments can be attended by somebody sitting on a beach on the opposite side of the world.
By rights we should all be smarter and yet...

I realise from my own experience that there is more to knowledge and education that the simple acquiring of it. Anybody can reel off facts and be a whizz at general knowledge but we are individuals, why be general about what we know? Our expertise needs to be specific to what we want to create within our lives.  

Have you ever had a conversation with another where they cut every sentence and statement you make short with, 'I know'? 
So they know but clearly knowing - being aware - is not enough for this knowledge to have made any effects. There must be another level. 

I thought understanding was the answer, getting to the root of the issue and working up through it. Then I heard the phrase 'overstanding' and for a while this pinnacle perspective made more sense, see the bigger picture and how all the pieces fit.
Now I have a completely fresh approach. It is that of 'inner-standing'. This is to take new information, knowledge, ideas and ideals and embody them. Let them be absorbed into the very fibre of my being. Meditate more on ideas, envisions many potential outcomes. Appreciate varied possibilities and points of view. 

Knowing is simply holding the chalice. 'Inner-standing' is savouring every drop.


Love Yourself!

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