Shattered Dreams

For the past couple of months I have been watching episodes of The Voice on iPlayer. Although this programme has a slightly better reputation than the XFactor there are still certain biases evident and to date non of the winners have seemed to been known to have any success. 

But that also depends on what success means to each individual.  

Over the years I have had to defend my decision not to apply to appear on any of these shows, mainly to people who did not understand that the quick burst of fame was not what I wanted for myself.  It did not mean that I was reticent about my dreams I just saw that this route would not necessarily serve me. 

Ironically a couple of years ago I was offered a spot on two shows. All I had to do was choose which one I was more interested in. For me, that was all the more reason to decline. 

This year the show had some genuinely talented singers. The standard felt higher than I ever remember and more akin to the level you would expect to see on American television. 

There were some great performances and it was clear that for a couple of singers, with the right guidance and team they produce some beautiful music. 

The heartbreaking reality is that this will probably not happen for them.   As they are fast tracked from obscurity to national fame and back to their daily realities in a matter of weeks. Whipped into a frenzy of excitement to then be discarded confused, trying to make sense of what just happened to them. 

I really do hope the ones that showed real promise were savvy enough to have a plan of action that saw being on the programme as a part of their plan and not the ultimate vehicle to success. I want to believe that behind the scenes some care and advice is given. Not because I think that this is a callous event but more because these are real people with real aspirations and to have the guts to step out and strive for what you want is brave, especially when there will be people around them who will gain too much pleasure in them not succeeding. 

Shows like these are popular and therefore will always exist in some form. 
Maybe it needs to be made clearer that making a phone vote is not a guarantee of anything for the winner. To truly want them to succeed long term their music, tours and other endeavours need attention and continued support. 
Otherwise their names will be added to the list of other 'winners' and people will refocus their short lived loyalties on the next season. 

As another singer is crowned we can only hope, wait and see.  


Love Yourself! 


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