Shadow Patterns


You have probably heard the phrase, 'Coming events cast their shadows.'
But what about past events? How do they affect the future? 

All of us have lived through something that has shaped how we progress through life. Many times we learn, become stronger and are grateful for the experience, even though while we lived it the pain was more apparent than the purpose. 

Still, there are certain instances that leave an indelible scar on us and stunt our growth. We feel justified in recalling the reason why we act and feel as we do despite the fact that it usually means we are denying ourselves. The fear of a repeat is too strong. 

As difficult as it is, we need to allow every moment in our lives to unfold as it will. Echoes of a painful past are no indication that the same will happen again and if it does we have the power to transform by choosing to react to in a fresh way, therefore proving to ourselves that we have transcended our beliefs that certain things always happen to us and that we are somehow attracting or deserving of it.

History is not repeating itself if your response is different. 

Let each moment show its originality.  

Love Yourself! 

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