Celebrate Yourself!


Traditionally, the majority of us will take one day per year, our birthday, to focus on ourselves. While the day that we entered into the world holds significance and deserves attention it only amounts to less than 1% of our time celebrating ourselves. 

What are we doing the rest of the time?  

For many people, putting themselves first and self love are egotistical actions and if you care about others then their needs should come ahead of your own. However if you do truly want to serve others you need the strength to do so. What can you pour out from an empty cup?

Self care also includes acknowledging yourself and the progress you have made through your life. While you may not be at the destination you desire, if you are still in pursuit of your ideals you will have advanced and grown in ways that have gone unnoticed by yourself. 

It is crucial to take time to review and honour the person you have become while on the road to where you want to be. 

Very few people have the tenacity and self belief to stand the course. Very few people even start moving towards their ideals, there are too many reasons to justify keeping life just as it is.  

It is those steady, constant, incremental movements forward that shape you. If you feel unsure about how far you have come take a momentary trip back to where you started. You can choose to do this either physically or by looking at old pictures or reading your early journals. 

For some of us thinking about a former relationship is enough to see how far we have evolved. When you ask yourself 'What was I thinking?' and realise that at the time you believed you were making the best choice for yourself.  

Rejoice every day. You're doing better than you think!

Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading.  

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