Escape Velocity


Ambition is great but ambition alone is only really a desire and although viewing your current situation through your desiring eyes can bring enough comfort for you to believe in something better, this in itself is not enough. 

Your starting point will have a gravitational pull that demands more than you will have prepared for to release yourself from it. There will be the naysayers and saboteurs, who will inform you of their lack of courage and stuckness by delivering unrequested 'realistic' and 'practical' advice.  

And possibly the most challenging of all will be the tripwire of your own subconscious richly laced with a multitude of disempowering beliefs that need to be individually identified and overcome.  

Often it is this inner work that requires the most attention and is the real beginning of the road to success. Before you sing the first note, write the first word or launch the prototype an internal declaration needs to be made, 'I am really going after this.'

The story that is never told about achievement is the relentless, laborious, repetitive work that must be done and how little external results there will be despite your commitment and discipline.

This is the test. Are you really deserving of this or do you simply just want it? 

Overnight success is a fallacy. Those who have truly just appeared will be gone in as equally a short space of time.  

Society has created a rota for achievement, convincing individuals that they should all adhere to a one size fits all template for life and the majority follow along never really questioning whether it is right for them.
As a result 'The mass of men live lives of quiet desperation.' ... but not you.  

Keep on moving forward. The rate may be much slower than you wish but you are building a strength that will make you invincible. Continue learning about yourself and about the lives and methods of those who are living the life you aspire to. Not only will it motivate you, it will furnish you with the gift of discernment and soon you will hear the true intent of those who have nothing good to say about or to you.  
To be impervious to the opinions of others is a superpower very few possess. 

One day you will ignite and launch into a momentum that thrusts you forward. Once you pop, don't stop! 

Love Yourself!

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