Self & Service


I believe that everybody has moments in their lives when they take stock and know that changes have to be made. It may arrive after a growing sense of discomfort or feel like a bolt out of the blue. Either way, after the alert, what do you choose to do? 

Most will find a way of overriding their instincts.  This could be by working harder, retail therapy, food or simply pretending that nothing happened. 

But it did and you cannot continuously ignore the whispers of your soul. The calls will become louder and more urgent. 

We all have responsibilities in our lives and our attachment to them will be based on how much of ourselves we believe we need to give to them. When they involve the care of other people it becomes harder to step away and focus on ourselves even when we need it.  

This such a sensitive topic, one I know and have lived with for the majority of my life. I often wonder how much of myself I have denied in the name of responsibility, has it become an excuse for me to hide behind when I have felt fear?
Does taking on responsibility for others deny them the opportunity to find their own strength? Have I always been acting from my heart or in fear of judgement of others?  

Sometimes doing the best for yourself is the best you can do for others too. Climbing into the hole is not the most effective way to bring people out. Somebody needs to go forward to show others that there is more than what they see and to be in a better position to help them through. 

Love Yourself!

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