Freed Thinking


My greatest frustration comes in life when I sense that I am being misjudged or misunderstood and not being offered the opportunity to enter into any reasonable discussion about it. I know that I should not be concerned by the opinions of others which is precisely why I get frustrated - both with myself and the situation. I should just let it go but occasionally I feel the need to attempt to explain myself. 

Have you ever heard somebody make a statement so ill informed or absurd that after you realise they are not joking you question whether they are human? They are so absolutely convinced of their righteousness and unable to even imagine that there could be any other possible viewpoint.

In some respects having steadfast and firm convictions in a world full of distractions is commendable but even in certainty it is wise to be aware of other perspectives. 

I understand the outlook of people who need to be right. They are rigidly attached to their opinions because they are see them as part of themselves and any rejection of their thoughts is taken personally. 

There is lightness and freedom in allowing what you think and how you feel to be transient. It allows for growth and the chance to experience life from different perspectives. 

We can choose thoughts and opinions like we choose clothes. Expressions of each moment not definitions of ourselves. 

Love Yourself!

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