Secrets Of Success


'As you climb the ladder of success make sure it's leaning against the right wall.'

Do you not think it is strange that as individual and unique as we know ourselves to be - at least on a subconscious level - that we mostly choose to follow the same path in life?

There may be minor variations in what we choose to do but the core fundamentals are the same. Societal milestones are so deeply embedded into our psyche that our 'failure' to achieve them creates an unnecessary anxiety within us which causes people to then take drastic steps to get 'back on track'.

People enter into crippling financial agreements that then force them to stay in employment they do not enjoy, simply to stay on top of the repayments.  
Marriages are formed between people who fear being 'left on the shelf'.
And most heartbreaking of all are those who take their own lives because they see no way out of their despair.  

Everybody is so busy and prideful in their busyness. In the brief respite there is barely time to prepare for the next wave of activity and include some leisure, let alone time to truthfully evaluate whether any true result, growth or satisfaction is being attained. 

Modern life is not designed with YOU in mind.
If it were most people would realise that they do not want what they are are working so hard for. Unfortunately the majority are on a wheel of earning money and paying bills with a holiday of a couple of weeks they have been given permission to do with as they can afford. 

Is that success?  

There are as many stories of people who have created great wealth and 'success' as there are of those who walked away from high salaries to live in a way that fulfills them. The trinkets and trophies that we are convinced we need to collect can never provide the satisfaction we hope they will. 

Success needs personal definition and to discover that takes time and courage. Time to contemplate what really fills your heart and courage to step away from what everybody is doing -and will start saying. 

You may be surprised to find out what your definition of success really is especially if you have spent a lifetime following everyone else.
If you ever are unsure ask a few people why they do what they do. The general response will be because that is what everybody else does.  
Is that a good enough reason for you? 

Love Yourself! 

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