Say Yes, You're Ready!

This past week has been great fun. 

The website has been up for her first full week and I gave my ever first talk. 

Very magical. 

And then seemingly out of the blue a new great opportunity appeared but when it was originally presented to me I almost said No. Or at best I was trying to delay it. 

Fear started to stick its oar into my business. Not for the first time...

But then what is fear? It's an over active imagination displaying a worse case scenario and you buying into it. What was there to be scared of anyway?

But of course I need to spend a while kicking and screaming. Mentally, that is.

I  recently heard a great description of fear and self sabotaging behaviour. It is your subconscious trying to protect you from what it thinks you don't want or what it belives could harm you even though you can see on a concious level there is nothing but benefit available to you. Now that does not sound so terrible, actually quite endearing like an over cautious Aunt suggesting you wear an extra cardigan and take an umbrella. 

Well thanks Aunty, but I won't be needing any additional clothing and if it does rain I suppose I will get wet. 

This offer would not have come my way if what I have done up until now did not present my ideas in a way that someone who had just met me could see my ability and potential and be willing to take a chance at the cost of their reputation. At this point in time they have much more to lose.  

I now have a very short space of time to create a very unique experience but now I have fallen in line with my Yes I am getting excited. Also in a matter of days and a few phone calls I have managed to assemble enthusiastic co-collaborators.

A great lesson learned by me. When this feeling comes around again I shall breathe in and dive in.


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed it please share. :)