Can You Feel It?

One of the biggest and best lessons I have learned in my life is to follow my feelings.

Not just those huge gut moments or the tingling goosebumps but the subtler shifts of energy.

Those moments you think are not real. You tell yourself your imagination is playing tricks. It's when you feel shivers of anticipation, of convergence and you cannot deny the deep knowing that something is up. 

We are taught that we have only 5 senses and that The Sixth Sense is a spooky other worldly thing available to few and not really to be believed. 

Well I don't believe that!  

Recently, very recently in fact I have felt a change in my project. What started very slowly and gently 3 years ago is almost at the point of presentation. More people are involved now. Their talents, ideas and aspirations are also adding to the energy pot. It is palpable. 

How do I feel? I am feeling excitement that the work that has been done so far is attracting such talented individuals who seem also to feel what I want to convey.   

feel more in tune than ever before. I know I can trust myself  100% irrespective of what I may be seeing or hearing. I could have saved myself plenty if time and money if I had listened to my instincts years ago but sometimes the lesson needs to be learned the long way around. 

As far as I am concerned I have 6 equally valid senses and I am open to the possibility that there could be more. 

I will respond to those little whispers, tingles and twinges with as much conviction, certainty and love as I do with a mouthful of my favourite 75% chocolate or a noseful of a bouquet of roses. 

Something is afoot. Something has changed. I can FEEL it!!


Love Yourself!


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