Love Yourself!

Last night I gave a talk at Darker Music Talks.

An event run by Tommy Darker especially for the independent artists like myself. 

Each month a different guest who can offer information and advice for the Musicpreneur is invited to speak and impart their wisdom.

I felt compelled to share what I have learned over the past couple of years and this was my opportunity. 

What I especially wanted to do was to touch on mindset because that is the motor that drives everything. The main points I wanted to convey were:

Know Yourself. We are being mentally pulled in a so many directions daily that it is difficult to step outside of the noise and hear our own voice. Find silence away from the constant chatter, persistant persausive suggestions of media and hardest of all, advice from friends and family. Trust what you hear and it will grow and you will become unshakeable. 

Be Yourself. The more you can Be who you really are now you know what that is, the stronger it will grow. You will become a Beacon. What is Truth for you may not necessarily be that same for others but you will be giving them the permission they have been seeking to Be themselves. 

Improve Yourself. Become addicted to becoming better. We live in a fast changing world and without being able or willing to be flexible and open to new learning constantly life will become unecessarily difficult. Also your health needs to be your primary concern. Without it all the great ideas you have will remain just that.

Love Yourself. Hardest of all but ask this question. If you don't love yourself why should anybody love you? Even if they tell you they do you won't believe them. When somebody says they love you the only thought in your mind should be, 'Why wouldn't you?' 

Think Big. What is your wildest dream? If you knew you could not fail what would you do? What if I told you that failure is impossible anyway? Only if you stop do you fail. Think BIG. Why shouldn't you have what you imagine? If you love yourself you will know that you deserve it. 

Have Faith. Keep putting one foot in front if the other. Do something small when the bigger thing looks like too much. If you want it and see it you can have it. 


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed please share. :)