Risk vs Regret

I'm know for sure I'm not the first musician or creative person who has had to answer a question along the lines of, 'So, are you still doing your music/photography/acting...?' 

Having to come up with a polite answer to this is always frustrating because anybody working towards such goals knows only too well that if you want to be proud of what you present and call your work, it is going to take time.

Time to find your voice/style which will involve many trials and numerous errors. Time to find your team and collaborators which will invariably involve working with a lot of unsuitables. Time to fashion an unshakeable core so that ridiculous questions do not feel like an attack but are seen as the observation of a person who has a limited understanding of what you do.  

Coming to terms with the germination period required for every project means that you can just get on with getting on, safe in the understanding that if you keep putting something in you will get something out. 

It's easy to look to people who are 'out there' doing it and are now reaping the rewards and compare your situation. 'Its OK for so and so because they are where they are and they have access to whatever and pots of cash.' but everybody started somewhere. 

Money of course is a big factor. Especially when you need it. However if you focus on what resources you don't have, the awareness of what you do not have will amplify. That is ALL you will notice. You will become disheartened and the perpetual wheel of disappointment will begin to spin. Your confidence will diminish. You stop creating and down, down, down you go. 

Now is the time that you need the most encouragement but of course this will be when some bright spark will hit you with the above question and doubt will really set in. 

I'm writing from experience. 

How does it change? How did it change for me? 

I asked myself big questions.

Do you think that you will be able to risk living with the regret of not attempting to go for your goals and be contented? Is whatever you are hanging onto for 'security' really yours? What makes you happy?

Once I decided to throw myself wholeheartedly into this and took tentative steps forward the right people and resources showed up in my life.  

There are still moments when I feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done. There is always this thing, that thing and something else. As a result my decision making has become instant. I trust my instinct 100%. I know that if I ask the right questions the solution always presents itself. My skillset has exploded exponentially and with technology moving so swiftly that will not change but I want to be a student for life so this is perfect. 

Gone is the monotony I experienced when I had a 'secure' job - that eventually ended in redundancy - I knew what everybody was going to do and say before I even got to work. I was extremely unhappy. 

What may appear risky to an outsider looking in to me is an amazing adventure. I have nothing to regret because what I have learned about myself in taking the risk cannot be unlearned. 


Until the next time..

Love Yourself!


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