Reasons & Seasons

We often want the people we meet who make us feel good to be a part of our lives for ever but that is not the way it works. 

Some people are sent to be with us only for a few moments and play a specific role. That could be to reignite a passion, help us through change or reveal an aspect of our character that could only occur through our connection with them. 
Once that task is completed so is the relationship.

The connection only works because you needed it and so in order to keep things the same you must revert to that old way of being. 
And here begins the dissonance. This is not who you are anymore and the soul knows it. The encounters become increasingly fraught and misunderstandings occur about the simplest things. 

Yet you still hold on.  
Out of habit.
Out of gratitude.
Out of fear that you cannot survive without them.  

Until one day a situation will occur when the bond is irreparably broken. You have to go your separate ways. Although there will be feelings of upset and fear of loneliness, they fade fast. Faster than in any other relationship. Merely days later life seems newer lighter and full of possibilities that could never have been entertained before.  

The union is complete. That was history and you are acknowledging the person you have become. The person who could not be seen under the the dim light of the past. 

Gratitude fills every fibre of your being.  

Everything is working out the way you wanted it to. You are becoming the person you need to be in order to get the life you desire.  

A smile crosses your lips because in appreciation for the unusual ways life creates itself.  

Whatever and however it has to happen is all good and working perfectly.  

You could not have planned it better if you tried.  


Love Yourself!


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