Life Diving

Tahlia Cohen

Tahlia Cohen

Recently I have had a lot of unanswered questions and a great desire to be at peace with my thoughts.  There has been an overriding feeling that I need to be still and take a life assessment.  

Yes.  The Big Stuff.  

Like most people I had 'things' needed to do and made the mistake of thinking that a few minutes here and there in-between Life would suffice but of course I was wrong.  
And as the days became a week and then weeks a sensation of disconnectedness grew in me. I got to the stage where I felt no emotion to anything. I knew there was something up.  

So I started to allow myself some real time each day to just think. During walking or my yoga practice I allowed  all the chatter to surface. This was not about finding answers it was for uncovering questions, concerns, confusions, seeing exactly what I was suppressing. 

I cannot remember any time previously in my life when I have done this purposely. It has always been about putting the best foot forward, onward and upward but how high can you really climb with a shaky foundation?  

I am definitely not a person who dwells in the past. I have firsthand experience of what the catastrophe that can cast on the present but sometimes you do need to go there and find out the root cause of any issue or to understand when a belief that is no longer serving you was created.

Now here I am like a sleuth with all the clues about to reveal the guilty. The memories that have resurfaced have been surprising. It has been what would be considered the less pivotal moments that have been popping up.  
Yet these are the glue that have carried me from the each major event in my life and filled the everyday moments.  
This has been an excellent way for me to now assess the motivation for my goals and to tweak a few of them. 

Are my long held passions still my passions?

Having a deep appraisal of your life may seem daunting because you are giving yourself free reign to delve anywhere without restriction but the reviewing long forgotten gems of yourself that appear are worth giving it a try. 


Love Yourself! 


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