Absolutely Flawless!

There is a certain turn of phrase that I am hearing increasingly that I have to admit raises despair in me.  

'Love/embrace your flaws' 

What exactly is this supposed to mean? I really do not understand it and my heart sinks when I see another female prodding and isolating areas of her body that she considers somehow substandard.  

How are any part our bodies flawed?
Compared to what?  

No parts of us are mistakes. 

Wobbly legs or bums do not appear on our bodies in error. They are a result of going hard on the junk food. A consequence of an action.
We have to reframe the language stop beating ourselves up about it.  

Do you want to know how to experience instant weight loss?  Unchain yourself from feeling guilty about your indulgences and you will be light as a feather. Your body is working perfectly and storing those extra calories in the way it was designed to do so.

All of us are aware that the majority of pictures we see are Photoshopped with such a heavy hand that they do not represent the true image of the subject. Still somehow we continue to compare ourselves. 

While it is probably too big an ask at present to expect the mainstream to start marketing the true facts to us, we can reframe our thinking and pay closer attention to the language we use or are instructed to use. 

We all have heard about affirmations and the power of words. Advertising taglines and song lyrics play repeatedly in our subconscious and literally run our lives.
That phrase above is by no means a positive statement.
Try for yourself.
Do you really feel empowered after saying it?

When I write songs I spend extra time on the words. I know that each listener will find personal meaning in the songs but I also appreciate the power of words and music combined. 
And so does the advertising industry. 

 I think we will start to be at peace with our bodies when we start to accept that what we have is a result of what we have done. No apologising, hiding or shaming.  

Just saying what it is and all of that being OK.


Love Yourself!


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