Public Display Of Emotion

Speak the truth. Even if your voice shakes...

If you saw a person out in public on their own hysterically crying how would you react? 
Would you turn away or be compelled to find out what was going on with them and if you could help?
How would their exposed display make you feel? Embarrassed? Empathic?

Have you ever wondered why Public Displays of Emotion make the majority of us feel so uncomfortable?
It may sound like the plot of a movie but living out loud is outlawed. We are not born drones and yet acting as such is rewarded by non judgement. 

Self expression is the reserve of the creative types and to achieve the permission to live in such a way they too must conquer the confines of their conditioning.  
Think about it. There are designated times and places for particular behaviours.
Dance on this night, in this space. Cry here. Sing here.  

This year I have connected with a group of four other female artists and together we are working with Jo-Ná Williams to shape our individual creative businesses but also offer support for each other.
To be effective in this we have confront and remove the blocks we have placed around ourselves. Those layers of all the BS that has been so effective in stopping us from progressing to where we all desire ourselves to be. 

Arielle Peri is one of the artists in the Mastermind group. A highly talented singer/songwriter and guitarist has taken a braver step and created the #GoDeeperChallenge
Each day she shares with her supporters a fear that held her back and encourages them to do the same. 

Watching her transformation has been inspiring. I know from my own outlet on this blog that I have become more candid in how I feel and a lot of these insights have unearthed themsleves simply because I have chosen to keep writing, keep looking within and not hold myself back. 
Much has been a revelation of myself to myself. 

What has also been interesting has been the reaction to Arielle's challenge. I have come to recognise that peoples reactions are reflections of their inner worlds. 
While many have championed her work and used it as an opportunity for personal examination others have reacted aggressively, questioning her mental health.  To me this only highlights the fear that those people hold within themsleves and how masked they are. Why else would they kick out this way?

When you connect with people from the core of who you really are you discover a strength and common bond that you want to have with everybody.
Artifice and fear driven relationships hold little interest. 
To get to this place means stepping out. Out of your comfort zone, sometimes out of your peer group but the reward is worth it for there you see the true heart of everybody and the beauty we all possess. 


Love Yourself!


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