Don't Worry About A Thing

How many times have you been worried about something or somebody or found out that somebody was worried for you? 

In the past I took this as a compliment. It meant that people were thinking about me and especially during the times I felt alone I was comforted by this. As my understanding of mind power and thought has increased my opinion of this has changed.

When  you tell someone you are worried for them you are in effect saying, 'I have pictured the worst and I doubt you can make it.' 
Worrying is a serious misuse of our powerful imaginations. Focusing on the worst possible scenario is neither helpful or healthy for anybody involved.  In worrying you become paralysed, spiralling down deeper into the abyss of what ifs. Always envisioning doom. 

The greatest worry we are all guilty of is concern about what other people think of us.  For some reason we spend too much time afraid of doing what our hearts are guiding us to do because of our estimation of outside opinion.  Our thoughts lead us to believe that we will suffer humiliation and abuse. Fear overtakes us and we are stuck. Too scared to step into what we desire.  Our lives do not move forward and we shrink into ourselves because of worry.  
Assuming the worse we opt for inaction to keep safe. 

These  same minds we possess that can paint such realistic pictures of a dark future can also conjure the brightest outcome and with that in mind living based on those beliefs become joyful. There will be those around you who insist that their worries make them realistic and practical about life but to my knowledge no breakthroughs are created from a realistic or practical standpoint. 

You may say that all you want to do is live your life without fuss, that changing the world has no interest to you but like it or not if you are alive your presence is changing the world.
We all have moments when we know something different than what we are used to has to occur and yet are unsure of the outcome.
While it always pays to make provisions for adverse situations, prepare and expect the positive. 

My way of pushing through this Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) if my motivation runs low is to go into ask myself some questions.

  • Would I be that comfortable if I stayed in my present position?
  • What is the am I really afraid of?
  • What is the worst that can happen?  


The answers usually point to wild tales my overactive imagination has cooked up for me and whatever the 'worst' is in these situations I know I can transcend them. 

I am getting better at feeling the fear and doing it anyway. It becomes easier almost addictive when you see that what you worry about is a hologram and if you ignore it and do what you wish to do the person you become on the other side is a better stronger version of you. 


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

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