Brave New World

Do you think that we have entered into a new phase of acceptance? I think that there are (slow) stirrings of a change in a better direction. 
Going by what I see on social media and what friends and aquaintances are commenting the new message seems to be...

Be Yourself.  

Be Yourself because the idea that anything else is a good life is crazy.  

Be Yourself because getting to know yourself and love yourself makes you appreciate your uniqueness and as a result respect the uniqueness of others.  

Be Yourself and bring your gifts forward. Each of us is a part of the whole and has a special role to play.  

In my idealised future we would all live from our hearts and explore our passions.
Of course, not everybody agrees with me but I do not believe that a world full of individuals living as they choose would create anarchy as popular thought would have us think.
It is the minority with the monopoly perpetuating that myth and unfortunatley most of us believed it for so long. Too long.
Most people want a good life. 

Initially, as we start stepping out into our true selves we do so tentatively, still afraid of outside judgement and adjusting to this new way of living. We are unaccoustomed to the power and liberation at our disposal.
Over time we then blossom into love and acceptance of ourselves and others. The bravery of us, the pioneers, inpsires others to shed the pretence too.   

Many people feel they want to change the world to know that they can make some sort of lasting difference. 

This is it.

Be that change.


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading.

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