I'm For Every Woman

Last week was the beginning of a new journey for my work. For a couple of years, I have felt that the work I do has needed to expand into personal development and thought-leadership of some kind. 

Big thoughts, I know but I have never really been one for small dreams. 

Throughout my life, people have always commented on my ability to offer good advice and insights yet I never seriously considered applying it to my work.  The past five years have been the most challenging for me personally and I only managed to rise above the difficulty  by changing as much as I could about the way I thought and viewed the world.   

Luckily for me, I live in this technological age where information and the opportunity to educate is in the palm of my hands. I have drawn on the insights and wisdom of many people brave enough to stand up and speak.  My outlook is now so different that I am surprised at the level of dissatisfaction and hurdles I endured but now I see the reasons and in a way, I am grateful for them. 

Working on changing your mindset is tough. It requires a constant Herculean effort. A daily drip of inspiration and to some extent, seclusion from the world. For a long time, I could not be sure that anything would really change in my life.
I treated it like a game. I wanted to win and I had to if I was ever going to have anything near the life I thought I desired. 

Slowly, I sensed a shift. A calm descended over me, there was less reaction, more compassion. Many ideals I had blindly accepted made no sense. I felt and understood the pains and struggles that many people went through. My own curiosity attracted a way to rise and now felt compelled to help others through. 

Specifically women.

I feel that the transition to Womanhood can be turbulent if attempted at all. I know from my own experience that it took years of stagnation and then thorough self-examination to even recognise there was an aspect of myself I was not expressing. 

I believe that there are three fundamental areas that need to be developed to bloom into Womanhood.  

  1. Spirituality.   
  2. Sensuality.  
  3. Style.  

As the weeks unfold I will write about why I feel they are individually and collectively important. 

There is an epidemic of unconfident women. Seeing this saddens and frustrates me in equal measure. I have two choices. Shake my fist at the injustice of it or do something about it. 

I feel duty bound to do the latter.  


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading.  

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