Everybody's Talkin'

I made a decision nearly two years ago to no longer watch the news or read the newspaper with the frequency that I had up until that point.  

This eventually led to me not consuming any current affairs at all. 

The reaction to this was surprising to me. At best, I was accused of apathy. 

Human nature has long been a fascination of mine.

Why do we do the things we do?

What makes us react or respond in certain ways? 

It is no great secret that The News that gets presented to us is far from joyous. When was it decided that being aware of all that is not functioning with the world means that you are a responsible member of society? 

Stepping away from this 'information' forced me to look at what was really happening around me. My focus centered on my immediate environment and what I saw was people doing the best they knew to get on in life. 

If something of perceived major importance occurred I always found out and could look into it deeper if I chose to do so. 

What I found is that I became less stressed and the feeling of helplessness faded. 

The common reason given for consuming The News is the need to 'know what is going on in the world.'

How does it make you feel if you are constantly being told about things you cannot do anything about? 

This week a private recording of a dispute within a public family became the overwhelming unavoidable subject for conversation, judgement and speculation. 

Gossip is lipsmackingly juicy but also potent and dangerously addictive. 

Why do we feel the urge to speculate and ruminate? Why does it draw us in? 

Have we elevated certain people to such heights that when they act as they really are, ie human, it becomes scandalous? 

The means to record and broadcast to the world are now literally in our hands. Does this mean that the situation will get more fraught? 

Or could we possibly look forward to a day when it does not matter any more?


Love Yourself!


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