Picking The Mix

We humans are paradoxical creatures.

For example, we enter into stasis either through perceived lack of choice or the overwhelm of abundant options. 

In creative endeavours there are infinite possibilities and it takes a strong, knowledgable mind to decide what combination of the myriad will work towards producing a new, exciting, enticing piece. 

Here is where true artistry prevails. It takes confidence and restraint to know what to show, suggest or skip. 

Right now behind the CMW scenes the Nina The First reworking of Attraction - Attraction: Reloaded - is in the final stages of production. 

Last week we, Nina and myself, were in the studio with Tobi Lustigman to do a final mix and master in the track.  

The first important aspect if this was Tobi. Being locked away in a confined space for hours with the wrong person is painful and then trying to work with them... 

I lament from experience. 

The majority of the work was done so my presence there was not really as a decision maker. Although Attraction is 'my' song this version is Nina's work and there was nothing that I had any issue with. 

We were just 'taking it to the next level'. 

How can I explain a mix? 

The best analogy I can think of is flower arranging. 

As you know there are many different types of flowers, species (?), sizes, colours, etc. 

When arranging you can decide to stick to one type of flower or have a combination. Either of colour, size, species. 

After you have made that choice there is also the option of adding additional items, grasses, and other decorations. 

Then you need to pick a vessel for your display, you can go down the traditional route of vases or push the boundaries of what a display needs to live in. 

When placing all the flowers into said vessel the height, position and quantity of selection needs to be finalised and it all needs to look appealing. 

With so many directions to go in it is easy to want to throw everything in but the art is often in the placement and omission. 

Very soon Reloaded will be released for the world to hear. Put aside any notion of what you think a remix should be. 

This is different. 

The best bunch of flowers you ever did see.  


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)