Attraction - On The Radio

The idea is this. 

Make music. Get online. Find an audience. Cultivate the relationship. Rinse. Refine. Repeat. 

Slowly, incrementally the wheels are beginning to turn.  

Attraction, indeed. 

This weekend I was incited ti be a guest on an online radio show.

The host, Donna Summer, was somebody who I has connected with via Twitter and had got to know over the past couple of months. Sometimes she would reply to a tweet or retweet me which on Twitter is high praise. 

When somebody displays interest, excitement and enthusiasm about what you do it is enormously satisfying and validating. 

On Sunday 27th April from the comfort of my home in North London and Donna in Helskinki we connected via the magic of the Internet and broadcast live to the World Wide Web. 

During the 30 minutes of the show Donna asked me to share my story about being a creator, what I was doing with the project and played Attraction. 

While I spoke and answered her questions my chattering mind did its  best to try and derail me. 

I was thinking, 'Am I babbling?' 'Have I answered the questions correctly?' 'Can anybody hear me?' 

But I kept going and I loved it and time flew by. 

There may not have been an audience of thousands but there were live listeners and subsequent downloads. 

This was my first interview for Attraction and it happened because somebody discovered me in exactly the way I wanted them to. 

To see an idea that you had move one more degree closer towards your goal is a victory that I gratefully celebrate. 

I have always thought that there was no solid reason why this could not work and now with this I have the proof that it has worked for me and will continue to. 

I am starting to find and connect with the people who support what I do.

They are an audience who find personal resonance with my work and allow me into their lives. 

This is humbling. 

You can listen to the replay here. 

I want to say Thank You to Donna for asking me to be part of what she is creating. She has contributed to my story. 

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