Peace From Paris

Photo @Ihavethisthingwithpink

Photo @Ihavethisthingwithpink

The events in Paris in the past few days have be been horrific and difficult to process. Although it may seem that the world is getting more violent and disparate I truly believe in my heart that there most people are at the core good and want to live their lives in as calm a way as possible. 

The social media outlets that so many of us use to for communication and information also present us with the platforms to voice our feelings, comment and share what moves us. 

What I have noticed is also how quickly the judgements and conflicts have opened up between groups of 'friends', particularly around the choice that some have made to use the French flag  as their Facebook profile picture. 

I chose not to. For me it did not seem to be enough. I could not understand how that would make a positive impact on those who are in the midst of the event because the only people who would witness it would be the few hundred connected to me on Facebook and my profile would act as a reminder of the event. Not of any solution. 
What we focus on is what we create and therefore this is recreating the trauma again and again. 

As the argument escalates in the media about who is to blame, more lines of division are drawn between everyday people and more fear is created.  

Maybe that is the point?

We may watch and feel powerless in the face of yet another event but there has to be a way to transcend. I believe it starts with understanding within our own groups. Friends, family and social media connections. Each of us has differing views and ways of expressing them. 

Choosing to be offended (and it is a choice) by another's method of expression further perpetrates the separation that ultimately isolates others and in extreme cases makes them feel justified in committing horrendous acts. 

The answer seems so simple. Love each other.  

Love Yourself! 



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