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Like most females in the Western World, I have been raised with the fable of the Happy Ever After. One day my prince will come and rescue me from a life that would otherwise probably drift into an abyss of pain and drudgery.   

As little girls we are led to believe that we are princess deserving of the best, most respectful treatment and granted our every wish. Yet somewhere along the line the tale stops being told so favourably. The princesses are abandoned, their royal status goes unmentioned and what should logically be an uprising of Queens is replaced with an influx of abandoned hearts, slightly cognizant of grandeur, yet faced with nothing to acknowledge it. 

The idea of an ideal is promoted and bought into by those who have been convinced that there is such a thing. In a species that creates individuals, how could this be true?  This question is never asked, maybe because free thought is viewed as disruptive.  Eventually, the abandoned princesses are infected with self-doubt and loathing.

How would you feel if a friend told you they were being verbally abused every day?  
Would you allow it to happen to you?  

It is already happening. 

Most of us survive each day with a constant inner dialogue convincing us that we are 'not good enough' and our salvation lies in external solutions. It is not 'realistic' to believe we are deserving of high status and attract those who dare attempt to achieve it. 

I am personally dismayed and frustrated by this ongoing fiasco. Every time I meet another female of advanced years who has cowed in the face of her own womanhood I become equally incensed and inspired to 'do something'. 

I understand this all starts with me and more than ever I am committed to bringing about massive transformations in my own life and then to then apply that to my work.   

This is as exciting as it is overwhelming and for that reason I know it is right. 

Love Yourself! 

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