Not Ready? Go!!


A flash of inspiration can quickly turn into aflame if ignited by action or it can fade into the embers if you pause.

Everybody wants to put out their best work but perfection is another name for procrastination. If you can lead with love and good intention those who are ready for it will receive and when the feedback comes back to you then make adjustments.  

It is not always possible to know everything you need to do at the beginning and you have two options. Analysis to the point of paralysis or attempting to second guess the way how your offering will be received. How about showing what you have and asking for feedback? Tweaking as you go. Getting people to guide you directly to what they want?   

And while it is true this method may not work for many things there are elements of just doing it that can be applied in someways to everything. 

Get set to make your mark.  

Love Yourself! 

Thanks for reading.  
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