Be Misunderstood


A lot of the tension we face comes from our desire to be fully appreciated not being met. We imagine our lives will become a seamless stream of joy if our foibles are accepted and our ideals agreed upon. 
As we all know life is not like that and the ones we desire the greatest approval from can sometimes be our biggest critics.

So what do you do? Change your views, squash your ambitions, live diminished so others are comfortable?  
You could but would you be happy and fulfilled?

The change makers of the world have to see the present differently and if they have the courage to follow their vision, they add value in a way that is greater than could ever initially be conceived. One thing maverick thinkers all have in common is the resistance they faced. Some even die before the value of their foresight is fully appreciated. 

If everybody always agrees with you are you really making a difference? And if they do not, maybe you have found the edge, push it!

Love Yourself!

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