Me Too

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I am usually very reluctant to associate with any trending hashtag but this #metoo is different. 

I have watched over the past week as the story surrounding a Hollywood mogul has unfolded knowing in my soul that he is probably not the only one and for some reason he has been thrown under the bus. 
Retribution? Distraction? Anything is possible these days. 

The positive surrounding this event is the narratives we have been seduced into are being exposed. For us to move into the new age all of the illusions have to go. 

It is disheartening to see what some of the most celebrated and often envied women felt they needed to do in order to advance thier careers. Did they have any other choice? I have no idea. I have never been on the inside of the film industry. 
My own experience has been meeting my own gatekeeper to where I wanted to go and unfortunately for me he was not the only one. 

For people who know me personally this admission may come as a surprise but I also know that others have their secrets too. Not everybody feels comfortable coming forward and this is how the predators manage to continue. They know that the shame, confusion and guilt you feel will keep you silent. By raising our hands in such numbers they will start to realise that their game is over. 

I feel for the good guys because unfortunately for a while there may be a tendency to look at them suspiciously.

For those who are guilty I always wonder how they rest in their minds especially when they have wives, daughters, sisters of their own? When did this behaviour start? Why? How long do they think they can continue? 

This, for me, is not about about seeking pity, vigilante reactions or man hating. It is about speaking up when you have been done wrong. It is about being seen as a woman of worth not an opportunity for someone to misuse their power.  It is about not letting shame and the potential judgement of others make you feel that you need to keep heavy secrets. 

Social media has given us each a platform to have a voice in the world. It is a powerful tool and we should use it. 

Me too. 

Love Yourself!

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