No Thank You?


Despite what the media would have is think, most people want to make some sort of positive contribution to the world. Big or small we want to feel as if we have had some sort of impact, that our idea created change, ease and progress in some way. 

But how many of us would truthfully tirelessly work if we received no recognition for what we had done? 

Why do we only feel validated from external sources?  Why is it important to get confirmation for our actions? 

If you give with expectation you are exchanging, not giving.  

The majority of us are raised to say thank you after they have received and to not acknowledge that is perceived as rude and ungrateful. But we also have to understand that the receiver may feel shame for being in that position and showing their gratitude may be difficult for them. 

If we are able to contribute we should continue to do so and have gratitude that we are in that position. Someone somewhere is grateful for you. 

Love Yourself! 

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