Come Together


What can you do as an individual when the world around you appears to be accelerating towards more of the ridiculous and the unjust?
How did we get to this point? 
Will things have to get worse before they get better? 

We look to authority figures to inspire and guide us in our society but if the moral centre of those chosen is questionable what chance is left for us and how can we feel at ease knowing that we live among those who would have decided that these are the best people for the job?  

It is easy to feel powerless and lash out in anger and blame but the truth is we are not victims. We have only simply adopted the belief that we are. 

By allowing ourselves to become enthralled by trivia designed to distract us we have lost the ability and desire to take control of our lives. For the majority, the discipline required to become change makers requires an effort they are not prepared to make. 

It is our own complacency that has led to what we are witnessing today.  

If the results had gone the way we wanted there would have been celebrations and then very soon after a return to the collective slumber.
A shock was needed to wake us up.  

Now that we are alert what do we intend to do? It is clear we are not united as people. There is separation and judgement all around. That needs to change and our methods need to alter as well. 
Until each of us comes into union with ourselves it is unlikely that there can be collective unity.  

We can create the society we dream of but not without work and it starts within each one of us. When we take the time to tune into our intuition and the truth of our own hearts, we discover who we really are and begin to live as that person. As others do the same we respect their efforts and accept them for living from their authenticity. Eventually, the frantic, constant, negative messages that once governed us will no longer resonate. We will be in tune with truth.  

What has happened had to happen but it is not the end, only an indication of where we are and the work that needs to be done.   

We will thrive as One when we are One with ourselves.  

Love Yourself!

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