New Mood


The opportunity the final month of the year presents is unfortunately lost on the majority of people. There is so much focus placed on creating a perfect Christmas that by the time the predictable frenzy is over, most are faced with inevitable anticlimax and realisation that they are about to enter another year that looks very much like the previous one.
There may be some hasty declarations of change as the clocks tick away the final seconds but without any true examination and intention, those plans are doomed to fail.

What kind of difference could we make if we took the same time planning our lives as we do festive dinners?

Consider your dietary requirements. Are there foods you are intolerant to? Do you insist on buying them despite knowing the effects on your digestion simply because of tradition? And what is tradition anyway? Is it not a polite word for blindly repeating an action without truly considering its impact or personal benefit?  

At your dinner will you sit with the same people and continue to pretend that all is well without being honest with each other - in the kindest ways of course.
Will you demand the attention of those would prefer to be elsewhere?   

Will you consume to the point of nausea in order to 'enjoy' yourself? 

Christmas can present the opportunity to connect with family and friends but during the midst of the growing hysteria, we must always take some time to be in communion with ourselves.  

What are we personally intolerant to?   Why do we continue to bring it into our lives?
Who do we need to set free in our lives? 
Does tradition serve us or do we desire more? 
Are we overconsuming and not experiencing ourselves?  

Dare to show what is true for you? 

Love Yourself! 

Thanks for reading.  
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