Let's Get Naked

There has always been a disparity between what males and females feel the need to do on order to sustain a high level career in entertainment. 

Some of the most successful males groups appear on stage in overcoats whereas their female equivalents 'clothe' themselves in strips of strategically placed fabrics.  

Should they malfunction cause such outrage that apologies are hastily delivered in order to save careers. 

In the past week there has been a baring of the flesh from two corners of music. The respected and the expected. 

Both have, of course, incited reaction. 

Alicia Keys has posed completely undressed save for the peace sign painted on her pregnant belly to promote her #WeAreHere movement. Along with a new single of the same name the cause is asking all who care to  think about what their life purpose is what they can give and contribute to society. 

Jennifer Lopez assisted by Iggy Azelia have a new song called Booty promoted by a music video that focuses on said body part. 

I know that a many females are offended by the latter and fans  of Alicia Keys are disapointed that she has chosen to use her body to garner attention. 

Personally I find no offence in either. My thought is when and why did human form became such a point of contention? 

Why is the exposing of flesh, something we all possess, deemed extreme?   

The focus is still too much on the shallow exterior expressions of ourselves. 

The masks we hide behind and the pretence of character we portray to others and more importantly to ourselves. 

I do not think it relevant for me to appear unclothed to promote what I do, not through any judgement of others choices or hangup about my body but rather I feel that mining the depths of my psyche and presenting that in my art is true nakedness and more daring. 


Love Yourself!


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