Move On Up


There will always be reticence and trepidation when you choose to step into the new version of you that is calling.  Most of it will come as a result of being concerned by what the people currently in your circle will say. 

The truth is it is very unlikely that they will have anything positive to say as your confidence in the New Authentic You (NAY) grows.  

It is also highly probable that they would not know how to relate to you. All they will be aware of is that you have changed, they cannot define it and the easiest thing to do it to attempt to destroy it. 
But you cannot be unchanged. 

Because you have started to live the NAY, new people are coming into your life and these people not only recognise who you are but applaud you for being so. At first, this will feel uncomfortable and possibly untrue but stay with it and an increasing amount of confirmation will appear until it becomes undeniable.  
The NAY is more valuable to the world than the shadow existence you held onto for so long.  

And then you will question yourself. Why did you put up with so little for so long?
But there would have been a valuable reason why.  

The pain of staying the same and playing small becomes unbearable, the idea seems preposterous  and the bleating of the naysayers holds no influence. 

Some people will surprise you. Your evolution and willingness to be NAY is just the impetus they need to start their own evolution. 

While there will be times when you need to be in situations that are not fully supportive within all challenges there will be an opportunity to learn and to leave an impression for the ones who may not understand you today but will appreciate knowing you in the future.

Even if they never tell you!

Meanwhile, for your own sanity, don't be long where you don't belong.  


Love Yourself! 

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