My Endless Love

There is a particular photograph of me buried deep in storage that I am eager to access. 

In it I am aged around 3 years old reaching up to the keys of the organ my parents had in our house at that time. The image is so clear in my mind. One day when I find it it will be shared. 

Very shortly after the picture was taken a series of tragic events took place within the family and although I admit I have not escaped unscathed, by then I had had an experience that would somehow protect me and guide my life. 

I had fallen in love. With music. 

I recall listening to a Gospel album by Andrae Crouch (Google him he has worked with best) and in particular a song called 'I'll Be Thinking Of a You' featuring Stevie Wonder on harmonica. 

The piece was imbued with so much, passion, intensity and musicality. It swept me up like a typhoon and spun me around only then to deliver me back, at the fade, a changed child. 

What had just happened? How could something be so powerful? 

From then the seed was sown. I was in deep, infatuated and the life long dedication began. 

I recognise and strangely I rejoice knowing that there will never be a moment in my life when I feel I truly understand music. That is what keeps it so fresh and exciting for me. There is always something more to learn and I will always want to be better. 

Having a passion that I can share is another blessing. When I am truthful and brave in my writing and performance it forms a connection other souls recognise and appreciate. This cannot be manufactured. 

Frustratingly for some around me my head is mostly always in the clouds like a love-struck teenager. 

I will never apologise for this.

I need to stay open to inspiration and a adopt a wider view in order to create the type of work I am proud to put my name to. 

However my feet are on the ground. I can see what is going on in the world and I have books upon books of songs I have written that tell it like it is but that is not where I am today as a writer or where I want to go every time I perform. 

My love for music has given me discipline, comfort and purpose. 

There have been times when a song has reassured me, informed me, humoured me or just allowed me to wallow in my sorrows for just enough time before lifting me up and galvanising me to carry on.  

I am confused by people who say they have no passion in their lives. Loving family and friends is fantastic but do you not need something in your heart for yourself that you can nurture?

Even stranger still, I once met someone who said they hated music.!!? 

No words! 

Don't we all need something that quickens our hearts and expands us?

I hope you have a passion that drives you and inspires you to reach for a better version of you. 


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading.  

Please share. ;)